Hanky Panky


Hokey Pokey


You give the right eye wink
You give the left eye wink
You give the "come here" wink
And he buys us both a drink

You do the hanky panky
Get his trousers down
That's what it's all about

You do the top lip lick
You do the bottom lip lick
You give a little giggle
'Cause he thinks you'll lick his prick

You put your right tit out
You put your left tit out
Nipples getting harder
So you shake them all about

You put your right cheek out
You put your left cheek out
You give a little wobble
Watch his eyes pop out

You put your right leg out
You put your left leg out
Spread them at the knees
So he can see what it's about

You put the right hip out
You put the left hip out
Grab him by the ballocks
And you squeeze until he spouts

You put your pelvis in
You put your pelvis out
Go a little faster
And you grind it all about

You give the right ear groan
You give the left ear groan
Grind a little faster
'Cause he's going to drop his load

You give a right cheek kiss
You give a left cheek kiss
Hate to be a liar
But you tell him it was bliss

We've done the hanky panky
Got his trousers down
So fuck off!