Irian Jaya


Mull of Kintyre


Far have I traveled and much have I seen,
Had hand jobs from tranny's and fucked things obscene,
Been crippled by herpes and things far more dire,
But for the best ever blow job go to Irian Jaya.

Irian Jaya,
To be gobbled by natives is what I desire,
They practice on blowpipes in Irian Jaya.

Been rogered in Rio and poked in Peru,
Been massaged in Manila and then had a screw,
Been fucked in Llanelli by the whole Welsh boys' choir,
But for the height of perversion go to Irian Jaya.

Met a girl in the jungle with a bone through her nose,
Snatch like a bear trap, quite strong I suppose,
Bush like a yardbroom that's made out of wire,
So be careful of pussy in Irian Jaya.

Oh the skirt she was wearing was made out of grass,
It only just covered her sweet little ass,
I felt an erection getting higher and higher,
As I followed that lady from Irian Jaya.

She put down her basket, took hold of my tool,
Pulled back the foreskin and started to drool,
Curled her lips round it, and sir I'm no liar,
They still have headhunters in Irian Jaya.