My sister Belinda


Cielito Lindo


Ai, jai, jai jai
Si, si, señora
My sister Belinda, She pissed out the window
All over my brand new sombrero

I like my gin, it helps me slip in, 
Get in, Get out, Belinda,
But give me the good old vino,
It gives me a stand supremo

More Verses:
I like my rum, it helps me to come,
I like my whiskey, it makes me feel frisky,
I like Drambuie, it makes my cum gooey,
I like Jack Daniels, it helps me fuck spaniels
I like my beer, it makes me feel queer
I like my beer, it makes my cum clear
I like my sherry, it makes me feel merry
I like my Guinness, it helps me to finish
I like Bacardi, it helps me to party
I like my brandy, it makes me feel randy
I like my cider, it helps me get inside her
I like my gin, it helps me slide in
I like my stout, it helps me pull out
I like my lager, it helps me fuck harder
I like my water, it helps met get Bootlegger’s daughter