Sri Lankan Leaver's Song


Annie's Song


We marvel to witness, your standard of fitness
You suffered no ailments, not even a cough
But from self-abuse, and living so loose
Your extremity's withered, and your balls have dropped off.

You're leaving Sri Lanka, you stupid old wanker
Your best days are over, you're ready to go
Your wrinkles are showing, your beer belly is growing
Your semen's stopped flowing, you're all clapped out now.

You came full of purpose, but now you are surplus
You were full of ideas, you were at the forefront
Now your skills are outdated, jour job's automated
You're now on the scrap heap, you stupid old cunt.

You abandoned your wife, in favor of night life
You screwed till the morning, then came back for more
Even your maid was willing, to sample your drilling
But now your bit's broken, they've shown you to the door.