Aint Z Bush The Bastard


Away in the manger


Away in the Shiggy,
Bootlegger led.
Piggy the Bastard,
Was getting some head.
The hares on the tra-ail,
The hash did they lay.
ANZ Bush the Bastard,
Passed out on the hay.

The cattle were worried,
As Half Pint ran near,
But Pint the Bastard,
He needed a beer.
While Spiderman was sweating,
Sally Swallows was spry.
The Beer in the pick-up,
Was now half-way dry.

Cockpit was near now,
RTC coming in.
Web Wanker was finished,
Passed out with a grin.
The sheep in the manger,
Had nothing to fear.
Jobless has gone home now,
The hash has no beer.

The angels in heaven,
Were shocked when he showed.
ANZ Bush the Bastard,
His cheeks how they glowed.
He wretched on St. Peter,
And pissed on the gate.
"To hell with the bastard,
He's too bloody late!"