About CHHH

We are are a men-only hash club running every Monday at 17h15. Please see the HOME page for directions to the run site. The Colombo Hash House Harriers was founded on 19 April 1980 by Franklin ‘Darjeling’ Pate (Previously from Bangkok) together with co-founders; Michael ‘Climb Every Mountain’ Hill (Malacca) and Clive Burgess (Hong Kong). The first event, attracting 40 runners, many of who returned despite a marathon first trail. It is an all-male Monday night hash, proud of getting out into the beautiful Sri Lankan countryside. The few women runners who were hashing when the all male rule was imposed around 1984 continued to run as an honourable men, although very few of them are still active.

If you're female and still want to hash, Click here to join the Harriette's