Bushy"s Hash Update !!!

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Inter Hash - Chiang Mai - Thailand 2006, Perth Australia 2008, Kuching Sarawak 2010

Euro Hash - Castricum Netherlands 2005

Pan Asia - 2003 Bukit Kiara Kuala Lumpur 2003

Pan Africa Hash - Kampala, Uganda 2009, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2011, Cape Coast Ghana 2013

Great Hash Migration - Mombasa, Kenya 2012 ( First Ever International Event Hare CH3 )


Capital H3 - Canberra, Hammersley H4 Perth - Australia,

The Sri Lankan Highway Code

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I have heard people talk as if driving in Sri Lanka is a uniquely terrifying experience and that Sri Lankan drivers are undisciplined, untrained, un-policed and reckless in the extreme. In order to unearth the truth of the matter, your correspondent has undertaken secret investigations at the Ministry of Transport and has discovered that a Highway Code does indeed exist, but never got published due to a decision by some long forgotten minister who apparently had a controlling interest in a funeral parlour.


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